Your Future Dating And Sex Life Will Most Likely Be Virtual

The Future Of #Society | 2020.05.15
Your Future Dating And Sex Life Will Most Likely Be Virtual

Group chats are replacing bars and parties as “pick-up zones,” according to Bryony Cole, founder of Future of Sex and co-founder of Wheel of Foreplay, a game for intimacy during COVID. “The emergence of online sex parties and mixers is also allowing people to dip their toes into worlds they may have been hesitant to explore in the physical realm, like NSFW sex parties,” said Cole in an email to Mashable.

Cole also thinks the pandemic has somewhat reverted dating into old fashioned courtship — getting to know each other before exchanging any touch or body fluids.

The pandemic hasn’t changed futurist Faith Popcorn’s predictions on the future of sex and dating but, similar to Dawson and Cole, she envisions an acceleration. Popcorn, who established her futurist marketing consultancy BrainReserve in 1974, said this acceleration is already being seen in sex tech: Sales of teledildonics — smart sex toys that can be remote controlled by people on different continents — are increasing (just as sales of non-smart sex toys are).


Yup, Demolition Man predicted this. Funny how we all cringed and laughed in 1993 when Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) wanted to hookup with John Spartan (Sylvester Stallone) onscreen. He thought he was going to get lucky. She thought they were going to share a moment of intimacy through non-physical, technological means — because, you know, in the future actual sex and exposing yourself to bodily fluids is gross (scary even). Obviously, a sterile, smart pleasure toy and VR glasses is the way to go.

If this is really going to be the case, why not just substitute real people in cyberspace with AI? The World Economic Forum predicts “no one will own anything” by 2030, so why not pitch relationships “as a service”? I wonder which Big Tech giant will be first to offer this.

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