World Economic Forum Predicts China’s ‘Color Codes’ Model Will Become Widely Adopted

The Future Of #Society | 2020.04.15
World Economic Forum Predicts China’s ‘Color Codes’ Model Will Become Widely Adopted

With COVID-19 raging through a connected, smartphone-equipped world, it was almost inevitable that societies would turn to digital technology for a modern solution to this problem. Since early February, local officials across China have worked with the development teams behind two of China’s most ubiquitous apps — mobile payment service Alipay and messaging service WeChat — to launch a new kind of virtual passport known variously as a “health code” or “color code.”


Is there anything that China does that the World Economic Forum (and WHO) doesn’t praise? Yes, this is most likely going to become the new normal. A health app on your phone will be your entry and VIP ticket to events, venues, and job opportunities. You’re going to have to give up your location and health information in exchange for some form of autonomy. But then this will also mean you won’t be able to opt-out, as you’ll be ostracizing yourself from society. Can’t have that! How long will we have to wait for color codes to display in real-time in our social profiles?

Dystopian future scenario: Green means current and fully vaccinated. Yellow means this person is not up to date. Red means this person has opted out of sharing or doesn’t want to be vaccinated (dangerous… engage with caution).

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