Super-Rich Totally Into ‘Stacks’ And Buying New ‘Sleeves’ To Live Forever

The Future Of #Wellness | 2020.03.05
Super-Rich Totally Into ‘Stacks’ And Buying New ‘Sleeves’ To Live Forever

The super-rich will soon be able to “live forever” thanks to sophisticated scientific breakthroughs effectively bringing about the end of death, experts believe.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, futurologist and former Labour MP Dr Ian Pearson said that the next few decades will see the blurring of lines between humans and machines.

He argued that such technology is already here to some degree, with retina implants and microchips, but the coming years will see that technology take a massive leap forwards.

Dr Pearson believes that by the 2050s, we will have achieved what he calls “electronic immortality”.


Anyone who’s heard about transhumanism is familiar with the idea of “electronic immortality,” but TV shows like Westworld, Altered Carbon, The 100 are warming the general public up to the idea that we can live forever if we have the technology and the means to afford it. Our friend, Elon Musk, is already hard at work trying to get us there through his Neuralink venture that is busy developing a mind-computer link for “human enhancement” — basically, turning us into cyborgs one day soon so we can be more than human. The next hat-trick will be to somehow capture all the neural transmissions and connections to transfer human consciousness à la Chappie.

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