Social Distancing Enforcement Powered By AI

The Future Of #Society | 2020.04.23

In the fight against the coronavirus, social distancing has proven to be a very effective measure to slow down the spread of the disease. While millions of people are staying at home to help flatten the curve, many of our customers in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries are still having to go to work every day to make sure our basic needs are met.

As part of an ongoing effort to keep our customers and others safe, and understanding that the only way through this is with global collaboration, we wanted to share the technical methodology we used to develop this software. The demos below will help to visually explain our approach that consists of three main steps: calibration, detection, and measurement.


They say AI is the perfect tool to automate repetitive tasks. With AI, police no longer have to use a cop on the ground to control a drone with a loudspeaker to tell people to stay apart or go back home. Corporate security also no longer has to monitor employees from their CCTV cameras. AI can now do this for any company or government agency.

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