Bosses Enforcing Work-From-Home Hours With Computer Spyware

The Future Of #Work | 2020.03.29
Bosses Enforcing Work-From-Home Hours With Computer Spyware

“We have seen individuals taking unfair advantage of flexible work arrangements” by essentially taking vacations, Gregory Garrabrants, the online bank’s chief executive officer, wrote in the March 16 message reviewed by Bloomberg News. If daily tasks aren’t completed, workers “will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.”

Straight-up Big Brother, perhaps, but it’s perfectly legal for businesses to keep an unblinking eye on employees as long as they disclose they’re doing it. Of course, digital surveillance has been used for years on office desktops, yet it seems a violation of privacy to a lot of workers when they’re required to have software on their computers that tracks their every move in their own homes.


“You can’t have the cure be worse than the disease” is a popular saying these days. Unlike sitting at a desk in the office where you only have to worry about your boss creeping up to your cubicle or over your shoulder, you now have to live with the fact that there’s literally no slacking off time anymore. No more fooling around on the company’s dime as your every action and “work activity” is routinely being monitored and reported back to your employer. In fact, with these new employee spyware tools, you’re actually going to be working harder than you did before since it’s all now quantified and ready for review.

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