AI Workforce Bots Are Already Interviewing For Your IT Jobs

The Future Of #Work | 2020.03.15

Enterprises can now source and interview robotic IT service desk engineers through a digital worker marketplace, and robots with experience across business functions and industries are coming soon.

IPsoft’s platform, which has been running in beta mode, has gone live, with the service desk engineer robot the first available for interview.

During the pre-launch trials, over 1,500 robots were interviewed, with more than 500 recruited.

The marketplace offers Amelia, IPsoft’s cognitive agent, and businesses can look at its capabilities for certain roles and even interview robots before selecting them. Jobs that the robots are doing include cloud administrators in IT departments and claims administrators in insurance.

The IT service desk engineer robot, which is available now, can take care of IT support tasks including password resets, outlook configuration and troubleshooting, unlocking accounts, VPN troubleshooting, single sign-on problems, as well as ordering new equipment.


Soon we’ll all be interacting with bots and not even know it. Jobs in HR and industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications are all on the roadmap of opportunities AI can be trained for. Heck, maybe we can train one to do our job without our employer knowing? Seems like fair play. Joking aside, automating parts of your job’s workflow will cut the time you spend in front of the computer so you can do more enjoyable things with your life. Tip: learn about Python and Selenium, if a lot of the work you do is online. Also, pick up a copy of Automate The Boring Stuff.

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